“A MOBILE NUMBER” can change our lives

July 3, 2013 Articles

In times of mad rush, everyone is busy making it Somewhere and trying to be Someone. While, we walk through the maze of daily affairs sometimes we feel something is not quite right. We need the solution to that one problem! Maybe just your Mobile Number could solve that problem- yes it is possible. Numbers are full of vibrations and they’re connected to Dr Seema Midha quest to help people. She is the pioneer of Mobile Phone Numerology and a Guru who resonates with positivity and guides you through life.

We have seen that all personalities are karmacially and psychically linked to certain number vibrations and power of planets in these numbers. Many years of research and human data has shown that there are set life pattern and themes as per these numbers. These insightful data and findings have been published in 2008 in A Mobile Number can change your Destiny and subsequently in 2011 in What is your Mobile Number? by Doc Midha.


It has been seen that some people acquire the right vibrations in their lucky periods and some can’t. Dr Midha recommends including missing numbers in one’s birth date to the mobile number to achieve these positive vibes. She has spent many years of her spiritual journey unearthing the positive and directional power of numbers such that even the common man can benefit. Using this science it is possible for everyone to find solutions to issues of partnership, financial stability, luck, good family life and much more.

One can bring about many changes in one’s life and achieve what one wants to if one has the right kind of mobile number. The right balance of numbers can bring great success. It is seen that a person in a certain field is observed to have certain specific combination of numbers. Therefore, if for instance you want to succeed in business then we should add 5, 6, 8 to your mobile number and if you to be a successful politician we should add 4, 3 and 8 to your mobile number. Well, like we said your Mobile Number is the unexplored route to your Destiny. You can encash this opportunity to achieve the impossible by simply tapping into the Mobile Phone Numerology made possible by one and only Dr Seema Midha.


Write up /Review by

Shhanya Madan Bhatia (Singapore)
Tarot Reader and Numerologist
Student of Doctor Midha at OCS, Delhi