Learning Tarots

The DSOS program in Divine TAROT Art, Scientific NUMEROLOGY and Counseling is 60 Hours Program. Those interested in the program can opt for in class – room or online learning. The program is being offered starting the academic year of April 2012 starting currently from India and moving to different locales.

The program has been designed and developed by Dr Midha herself. It offers a good foundation in Tarots and Numerology as a combined curriculum. Dr Midha‘s philosophy entails use of vivid language and symbolism of tarots to color the accuracy of the Number Science.

Surprisingly, the age old question of “who am I “can be answered, understood and developed using this approach. Tarot lends themselves to developing divination skills as well as psychological readings. Originally, used as means of fortune Telling, the cards were discovered by scholars to be more then just means of predicting future. Numerology adds and empowers these readings as they too allow the Learner to relate to character and traits using numbers of names and birth dates. It helps us to decipher who each one of is and even those around us. Both are good self – help and guidance tools.

The gains and advantages from this practical & real life based study are many. People walk away stronger and learners can and have experience myriad benefits, like:

  • Solution for every problem for every age group while in Course
  • Course guides you as how to create your own value and create individuality.
  • Prepares yourself for the good & bad times
  • Choose right career
  • Stronger Family Ties
  • Healed Marriages
  • Found compatible life partners
  • Regained Health and healing
  • Improved studies and knowledge
  • Provides Social & individual help
  • Creates a powerful aura
  • Removing all Negativity
  • Emotional Catharsis
  • Attaining a purpose of life
  • Peace of Mind
  • New Opportunities and opened Spiritual doors
  • Confidence and Stability
  • Increased influence and presence
  • Overall growth and development
  • Joy and Happiness

Well, the list is endless because every learner brings a new experience for DSOS himself and us. The DSOS program is about self – transformation, healing, enlightenment and attaining a life at a dimension that each one of us deserves and should have. The learning you take away is like perils of wisdom that should be sought, cherished and inculcated in your life to help yourself and others.



  • History & Origin of the Cards
  • How to Identify the Cards
  • Ambience of Tarot Reading
Major Arcana – Space Cards
Minor Arcana

  • Wands
  • Cups
  • Pentacles
  • Swords
How to Frame the Question


  • Ten different Types of Spreads
  • Celtic Cross Spread
Zodiac Signs and Major Arcana
Remedies with Tarots
Tarot Meditation
Symbols of Tarots
How to make the Reading Authentic

In times of mad rush, everyone is busy making it somewhere and trying to be someone. While, we walk through the maze of daily affairs sometimes we feel something is not quite right.

We want the solution to that one problem. Maybe just your Mobile Number could help solve these problems. Yes indeed it is possible – Numbers are full of vibrations and they are connected Dr Seema Midha and her oracle visions about your life. She is the pioneer of Mobile Phone Numerology and a warm person who resonates with positivity.

Some personalities are psychically linked to certain vibrations and we have seen through many years of research that there are set life pattern and themes. Well, some people acquire the right vibrations in their lucky periods and some can’t. However, Doc Midha has spent many years of her spiritual journey unearthing the positive and directional power of numbers such that even the common man can benefit.

  • Numbers
  • What is Numerology

Impact of numbers

  • Present Numbers
  • Missing Numbers

Destiny NumbersKarmic Numbers FORECASTING Personal Year & Personal month Arrows of Strengths & Weakness Compatibility Lucky Colors Lucky Jobs Health Problems
How to design the visiting cards Signature and Name correction Pyramid based Remedies Mobile Numbers Corrections

About Tarot Learning:

Tarot is pronounced as “taro”, which means the Royal Path. It is a magnificent spiritual journey of symbols and pictures.

Different symbols, colors, numbers and objects are used to impart meaning to the card. When the querent is ready to ask the magic of tarots brings out the truths of our lives. It is a simple tool of divination that can only be learned in a few weeks .The simple act of faith allows you to become aware guidance and wisdom from your inner guide, which had always been with you.

By seeking meaning in this way, we honor reality and give it a chance to be revealed. The symbols provide keys to the Meta – physical meaning of the cards. These are collection of secrets that underline and explain our universe.

By nature, we are meant to rely on the wisdom of our inner guide but we actually trust our conscious mind instead. We often feel as if events are forced upon by chance. When we learn to access our inner guide we experience certainty and peace that flows from aligning our conscious will with our inner purpose.

Well, don’t worry about how this might happen. Just play with the cards, work through the lessons and exercises, and a few surprises will definitely be experienced.